Courtney Glancy

March 22, 2022

Spring 2022 Quarterly Newsletter

Three months into 2022 and the Office of Professional and Workforce Development (OPWD) is busy flourishing forward. The Spring quarter was over in the blink of an eye, but we were able to achieve quite a few of our goals.

This newsletter’s goal is to showcase OPWD accomplishments over the past quarter and highlight future plans designed to uphold our mission.

“People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.” — George Bernard Shaw, playwright

OPWD Overall Updates:

In January OPWD celebrated the groundbreaking for the new Safety Yard being built at the University of Florida Training, Research and Education for Environmental Occupations (UF TREEO) Center.

Our office was established as a host site for the OSHA Training Institute Education Center at Volunteer State Community College.

Our Diversity, Inclusion and Wellness (DIW) committee helped celebrate our coworkers with random acts of kindness, coordinated a few special holiday activities and may have encouraged OPWD Director Andrew Campbell to invest in a few costumes.

We successfully hosted the 5th annual Inspiring Women Leader’s conference on March 8th and 9th as a hybrid event. We had 140 in-person attendees and 49 virtual!

Career & Technical Education

Underwent a name change from Career & Workforce Development Education to Career & Technical Education (CTE).

Vivian Li, our Solid & Hazardous Waste Coordinator, absorbed the role of Career & Technical Education Coordinator.

14 counties/districts with signed articulation agreements.

15 enrollments this semester.


Hosted 8 events this quarter and are back to in-person events and traveling.

Two of our Event Managers conducted a conference in Puerto Rico!

Professional Development

Launched the Community Health Worker course and partnered with CareerSource North Central Florida to offer a mentorship program.

Our Culinary program launched January 11 and has been a huge success. Four scholarships were issued for the spring course through CareerSource, and registration is open now for a second course in July!

TREEO Center Programs


Held 28 courses with a total of 257 students!

Backflow Prevention:

The Annual Cross Connection Control Conference was held March 2-3 at the Indigo Hotel! There was a total of 58 attendees, including people from Utilities, FDEP and various plumbing companies.

We have two new training locations, UF IFAS in Apopka and West Palm Beach.

We are beginning training with Plumbing Apprenticeship School in Sarasota, FL for high school students – they are incorporating Backflow Training into their curriculum. First class is projected for April 2022!

44 classes this quarter!

OTIEC Host Site:

We have a schedule of courses! The first course is at TREEO in April and we will be utilizing IFAS facilities around the state. View the list of courses here.


Held 10 classes with a total of 93 students.

New certificate program coming in 2022!

Instructor Ron Trygar advocated for more statewide testing sites for Water and Wastewater operator examinees. This will provide easier access to examination sites and more flexibility in scheduling examinations.

Water/Wastewater program coordinator Areiole Williams earned a Modern Classroom/Certified Trainer certification. She learned valuable skills such as effectively managing classrooms and learners, how to teach successfully in a modern classroom setting (including asynchronous and virtual learning) and how to respond to the special technical challenges of the modern classroom.

Solid and Hazardous Waste Management:

5 combined offerings/classes and had a total of 38 students!