Welcome to the Office of Professional and Workforce Development

The Office of Professional and Workforce Development (OPWD) supports the University of Florida in offering non-credit education for learners across multiple modalities.

UF TREEO Center – 3900 SW 63rd Boulevard, Gainesville, FL 32608

Meet The Team

Our Mission

To Design and Deliver Innovative Learning Opportunities for Everyone.

Our Vision

To Create an Enduring Legacy of Excellence Through Professional Workforce Educational Opportunities.

Our Programs

Our office offers a variety of program types to fit your knowledge and skill objectives:

Continuing Education

Enhances current knowledge and skills in a specified field and may be used to maintain a certain level of proficiency.


Designed to deliver in-demand skills training for anyone seeking to upskill or reskill and gain a competitive advantage in the workforce.

Pre-Licensure & Pre-Certification

Properly prepares students to sit for licensing or certifying exams in specified industries.


Take the course(s) required to earn a Certification in a specified industry.

Types of Credentials

Earn credentials by completing a course, micro-credential or industry-certified program/training.

Certificate/Digital Badge

Represents the student’s knowledge, skill, and competency achieved in a specified area of instruction/learning.


A competency-based award that reflects an individual’s mastery in a specified area. It meets an in-demand industry need and may provide the awardee a competitive advantage in the workforce.


An industry or institutionally recognized achievement that demonstrates competency, expertise, and experience.

Continuing education courses may award Continuing Education Units (CEUs) that may be submitted to representative entities to demonstrate a student’s proficiency.

By completing our courses and obtaining your credentials, you will be in a better position to gain a competitive advantage among your peers, advance your career, and set yourself apart as a leader in your organization.

Guiding Principles

Further the University of Florida mission by enabling professionals with diverse skills and experiences to lead and influence the next generation and beyond for economic, cultural, and societal benefit.

Enhance the customer experience through technology, processes, and customer service.

Identify, develop, and deliver innovative solutions that will bridge workforce gaps.

Collaborate across universities, colleges, communities, and industries to provide opportunities for workforce development offerings of educational and professional excellence.