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Difficult Conversations

Embracing the inevitable to build trust and strengthen relationships

How often do you avoid people and confrontations because you’re intimidated, worried, or concerned by the other person’s potential reaction? Perhaps you put off conversations that you know you should have because it’s easier to avoid and ignore the situation than to confront the person.

In business and in life, difficult conversations are inevitable. The cost of ignoring them or doing them poorly is too high on our psyche, performance, and general happiness to ignore.

With planning and practice, difficult conversations can result in strengthened relationships, deeper levels of trust, and a true understanding of what’s really going on to avoid future misunderstandings.

What You Can Expect:

  • Discover the number one underlying issue that makes conversations difficult and how to address it.
  • Explore the Response Equation: Practice the power of the pause in determining how you respond to a situation and decide whether it’s a conversation worth having.
  • Apply the elements of the Connected Conversations Framework© and use them to plan and prepare for productive conversations.
  • Embrace the ideal outcome for a difficult conversation and let go of finger-pointing, blaming, and right vs. wrong thinking.
  • Practice, in real-time, applying the formula to your situation and receiving feedback and coaching.

This program is for leaders and individuals who want to:

  • Feel confident in handling difficult conversations.
  • Stop wasting time, energy, and emotional labor on avoiding conversations.
  • Have a tangible framework that can be applied immediately.

Erin O’Malley is a leadership advisor and communication specialist. She helps growth-minded leaders build cultures of connection to retain and inspire their teams and customers.

Ten years in hospitality leadership plus two years in the Peace Corps combined with fifteen years of facilitating workshops to thousands of participants in seven countries, if there’s one truth she’s discovered, it’s this: the more organizations, leaders, and frontline teams insist their problems are unique, the more evidence she discovers that the traits that connect us are universal. It all comes down to human connection.

Erin works with leaders and organizations, from the frontline to the C-Suite, teaching them to redefine perceived problems with leadership, engagement, and loyalty and focus on the real issue: connection.

She has worked with clients ranging from Delta Airlines to Dollar Tree, BMW North America to Goodwill Industries, and the Kennedy Center to Amgen Pharmaceuticals.



July 11, 2024

1:00PM – 5:00PM

Erin O’Malley

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The History Behind IWL

Since 2018 the Inspiring Women Leaders Conference has challenged and inspired participants to sharpen their skills, interact with others and leave their sessions feeling energized and eager to share and apply their new learnings.

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