Career & Technical Education

The University of Florida’s Office of Professional and Workforce Development and Florida Gateway College have partnered to provide high school students a unique opportunity where they can earn high school credit, college credit, and the potential to earn a license or certification in a specified industry.

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Non-credit Dual Enrollment

Our Goal

To equip high school students with in-demand skills which may lead to certification or licensure in a specified industry.

About our Program

In the fall of 2019, we entered a partnership with Florida Gateway College (FGC) to offer Career and Technical Education in water and wastewater to high school students. This partnership relies on the collaboration and cooperation of both institutions, where UF, a State University System (SUS) entity, provides the course content and instruction and FGC, a Florida College System (FCS) entity, awards college credit toward one of their degree or certificate programs.

This unique partnership supports our goal of creating an education pathway for high school students to earn high school credit, college credit, and the potential to earn a license in a specified industry. This program offers aspiring high school graduates with career and additional education options.

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Career & Technical Education Program

The University of Florida Career and Technical Education Program provides the following:

Water Treatment Plant Operations Class C & B Training Course – Content and Instruction
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations Class C Training Course – Content and Instruction
Students receive a UF Certificate of Completion
Districts can purchase books through the TREEO Center

Florida Gateway College

Dual Enrollment

Florida Gateway College provides the following:

Water Quality Technician College Credit Certificate
Environmental Science Technician College Credit Certificate
Associates Degree in Environmental Science Technology
Bachelor of Applied Science in Water Resources Management

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Career & Technical

Online Water Course

Recognize the responsibilities of drinking water treatment plant operation and control
Identify safe operational procedures, sampling, and laboratory testing techniques
Summarize the basic biology, bacteriology, mathematics, and chemistry associated with drinking water treatment
Develop test taking skills by completing the quizzes that cover the material discussed in each lesson

Course Description

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Career & Technical

Online Wastewater Course

Describe and interpret the responsibilities of water treatment plant operation and control.
Identify safe operational procedures, proper sampling, and laboratory testing techniques.
Become familiar with the basic biology, chemistry and mathematics associated with wastewater treatment.

Course Description

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No. Students who successfully complete this program will earn college credit from Florida Gateway College and a Certificate of Completion from the University of Florida.

Water Treatment Plant Operations, Vol I, 7th Ed., 2017: $120.00
Water Treatment Plant Operations, Vol II, 7th Ed., 2020: $120.00
“Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations, Class C Online Training Course” 2020: $75.00

*Disclaimer: All course and material costs are paid by the district

As soon as the Articulation Agreement is signed by your school district, students may submit an pre-application online here.

Those applications will be processed and students will receive notification of their registration and their log-in process via e-mail.