Courtney Glancy

February 17, 2022

Random Acts of Kindness Infiltrate OPWD

It’s Mid-February and the office is back in full-swing: Fully recovered from the holidays, picking up speed and adjusting to the busy norm.

Entering year 2 in our 5-year strategic plan, our office continues to work every day to fulfill each strategic initiative and propel our organization onward and upward.

On Random Acts of Kindness Day, it’s fitting to recognize the work our Diversity, Inclusion and Wellness (DIW) Committee has put into supporting the Be an Employer of Choice to Live, Work and Learn strategic initiative.

A few weeks ago, an anonymous survey was sent out to our office asking for kind thoughts, words or affirmations about a coworker. Everyone was encouraged to submit as many as they liked, and by the deadline we had received a total of 161 submissions!

This morning, every employee came to work to find a clump of kind words on their desk from their peers. Our office chat was overflowing with gracious thank you’s and happy tears gifs…It’s amazing what one kind thought can do for someone else.

The overarching DIW goal for February is to Be Kind. Kindness takes on many forms, especially in our work environment. Holding a door, saying good morning, smiling at a coworker – small acts, but impactful. The week before Valentine’s Day, our office took a wellness break to decorate receptacles for Valentine treats – just like in grade school. It was a mental break, a chance to be creative and an opportunity to socialize with peers. Come Valentine’s Day morning, we had several employees hand out cards, candy and treats. It was a day of giving, spreading love and sharing sweetness in every form!

In addition to finding new ways for our office to celebrate each other, our Diversity, Inclusion and Wellness Committee also continues to find outside opportunities for giving back.

To continue the spirit of National Random Acts of Kindness Day, employees are encouraged to gather in one of our classrooms to write a card (or a few) for hospitalized children through Cards for Hospitalized Kids.

It’s important to find the balance between work and fun in an office, I think we’ve got that covered here at OPWD.

Be an Employer of Choice to Live, Work and Learn.

Our staff is the strength of our organization. It is their creativity, knowledge, and expertise that inspires new ideas that drive us forward to develop collaborations that transform those ideas into reality. Our team embodies our vision, mission, and actively creates a welcoming and inclusive culture.

Combining our strengths makes us more agile and adaptable to changes in the marketplace. Together, we can leave an enduring and widespread legacy of excellence for the university, our students, and customers.

Promote and Celebrate Wellness

Encourage a Culture of Inclusion and Acceptance

Build Talent