Kylie Register

August 22, 2022

UF Career Academy Introduces an Access-Based Career Pathway Model to Prepare Learners for High-Demand, Entry-Level Jobs

The University of Florida’s Office of Professional and Workforce Development (UF OPWD) in partnership with Coursera is pleased to announce that the Greater Gators Program is now UF Career Academy.  The UF Career Academy offers specified career pathways and an access-based approach to upskilling and reskilling students, workers, employees, and professionals.

UF OPWD and Coursera have identified 18 in-demand career pathways designed to acquire the skills necessary to enter a high-demand, entry-level job.  These pathways are curated with courses, professional certificates, and guided projects created by leading industry experts including Google, IBM, and Meta. With the addition of guided projects to the program, learners gain hands-on experience utilizing real-world industry tools that they can utilize in portfolios and interviews.

While continuing to be fully online and self-paced, the new access-based model allows learners to purchase a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month package.  Each package provides access to content in all 18 career pathways for the specified time frame.  This flexibility encourages career exploration and provides the ability to mix and match courses to fit a learner’s specific need.

“The new career pathways and access-based structure supplies a learning environment that fits the ever-changing professional landscape that workers are navigating today,” says Andrew Campbell, Director of the Office of Professional and Workforce Development.

Career Pathways

Pricing and Availability

UF Career Academy is available through tiered pricing based on an access timeframe. Prices are a one-time access fee and are not on a recurring monthly basis.

3-month: $139

6-month: $279

12-month: $529


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