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Data Analyst

A good fit if you like: Attention to Detail Problem Solving Working with Numbers

As a Data Analyst you’ll identify, extract, analyze and visualize data to communicate insights using tools like Python, R, SQL, Excel and Tableau. Knowledge of applied statistics, and visualization will enable you to work with any data set and contribute to data-driven solutions. You might work in business, finance, government, science or healthcare, anywhere data is used to solve problems.

Career Insight

Salary Range

Entry-Level: $60,000
Intermediate: $68,000
Senior: $85,000

*Sourced from LinkedIn & Glassdoor

Job Postings

National: 40,982
Florida: 2,034

*Sourced from Lightcast, period July 2021 – June 2022

Common Job Titles

Business Analyst Data Analyst Data Specialist

Skills Needed

SQL Python Data Science Data Quality Tableau Microsoft Power BI


Google Data Analytics Certificate

IBM Data Analyst Certificate

IBM Data Analytics with Excel and R Certificate

Getting Started with Microsoft Excel

Application of Data Analysis in Business with R Programming

Prepare, Clean, Transform, and Load Data using Power BI

Get Started with Tableau

Simulation of Covid-19 Testing Process Using R Simmer

Introduction to Relational Database and SQL

Simple Linear Regression for the Absolute Beginner

Getting Started with Rstudio

Joining Data in R Using dplyr

Tidy Messy Data using tidyr in R

Transforming Data in R

Exploratory vs Confirmatory Data Analysis using Python

Advanced Relational Database and SQL

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