Courtney Glancy

April 28, 2020

Wellness Update – Quarantine Edition

Working from home is a new challenge for many, but employees of the Office of Professional and Workforce Development have taken strides (literally and figuratively) to make quarantine life more bearable. Often times, this involves developing new wellness habits or hobbies to help productivity and, well, your sanity. Being cooped up can take its toll – a few employees have provided some advice to those who may be struggling in their new environment where work and home-life are one and the same:

Brianna Blassneck: “I’d say the biggest tip I would have is spending the free time you have not behind a screen so that there is more of a distinction between work and offline.”

Lauren Troffer: “When working from home, try and keep up your normal routine. If you are going stir crazy, go for a walk around your neighborhood and get some fresh air. Video chat family and friends. It helps pass the time and it helps you be social during quarantine.”

Some of the hobbies a few of our employees have picked up during quarantine include: knitting, video games, home-improvement, painting, reading, cooking new and exciting recipes and making TikTok videos. In addition, the GatorCare Walking Challenge is still alive and well, and many employees are taking their usually-scheduled walking breaks throughout the day to keep life as normal as possible.

View our OPWD Quarantine Wellness Update video here.

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