Charlie Martin

Courtney Glancy

October 22, 2020

TREEO Instructors Highlight: Charlie Martin & Ron Trygar

The University of Florida Training, Research and Education for Environmental Occupations (UF TREEO) Center values all of its instructors and the experience and knowledge they bring to each class. UF TREEO Water/Wastewater instructor, Dr. Charlie Martin, is passionate about training, and his dedication to science and research is apparent in his work as city engineer and as a trainer. Dr. Martin, along with UF TREEO instructor Ron Trygar, has helped prepare many operators in the State of Florida obtain their water and wastewater licenses by teaching exam review courses.

Charlie and Ron are not only admired and cherished by colleagues, but also revered by their students:

“I attended a class in Gainesville for a review of the Class C Water Treatment course. I had taken a couple of review classes before but always felt like I was just slammed with a bunch of information and it did not help me to understand it better. With the TREEO center, it was different. Ron and Charlie were great teachers. Ron made me like science and I wanted to learn more. If I would have had him as a science teacher as a kid, I might have gotten more involved with science. After taking your course I scheduled my exam and improved my score of about 20 points and passed my exam.”

“I have attended several classes at the TREEO center and have obtained very useful information. This information and understanding of wastewater has help to advance my career at Riviera Utilities, Foley Alabama. Ron Trygar and Charlie Martin are exceptional instructors with a superior understanding of water and wastewater. Keep up the good work.”

Charlie Martin was awarded the 2019 William D. Hatfield Award from the Florida Water Environment Association, and was written about recently in a Treatment Plant Operator (TPO) Magazine article, where he commends Ron as a mentor. Read more about it here.