Ron Trygar Awarded With Master Instructor Designation

Our very own Ron Trygar, UF TREEO Water/Wastewater Instructor, was awarded a National Environmental Safety and Health Training Association (NESHTA) Master Instructor designation!

“We already knew he was talented but this recognition continues to add to his legendary status.” – Andrew Campbell, OPWD Director

The National Environmental Safety and Health Training Association (NESHTA) Board of Directors awarded Ron with the newly established “NESHTA’s Master Instructor” designation (good for a two year period).

In addition to receiving a certificate, Ron’s name, organization, and State will be listed on NESHTA’s website under the newly designated NESHTA Master Instructor listing.

Ron is one of the first approved as a NESHTA Master Trainer, according to the Board of Directors. Help us congratulate Ron on joining such an elite group of professional EH&S trainers!

Written by:
Courtney Glancy

February 19, 2021

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