Working From Home

Courtney Glancy

March 31, 2020

Our Regularly Scheduled Update – But Remote

The Office of Professional and Workforce Development is working diligently to bring our sector of face-to-face content into the online realm. Take a look into the various efforts of our departments as they adapt:


Asbestos instructors Brian DuChene and Russ Stauffer have worked quickly to move the courses Asbestos Refresher: Project Design & Asbestos Refresher: Management Planner into an online format so students that depend on these refreshers for their professional licenses will not have a lapse in certification. We expect these courses to get approval from DBPR and be available for registration by the end of the month.

The Backflow Prevention program launched two new courses last week: Introduction to Backflow Prevention Online and Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Training and Certification Hybrid course. Introduction to Backflow Prevention Online is Day 1 of the Cross-Connection Control Program Manager series. The hybrid course allows students to take the three-day classroom portion of the course online and then complete the two days of hands-on instruction at the UF TREEO satellite training location closest to them.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations Class C Training Course Online also launched last week. This flexible and self-paced course is taught by UF TREEO’s Senior Water/Wastewater Training Specialist, Ron Trygar, and is State of Florida approved. Ron is also working to create hybrid water and wastewater review courses. They will be a combination of canvas material and multiple zoom meetings for students to receive real time instruction on the math portion of the course.

Custom Solutions/Community Engagement

Our leadership workshops are being moved to a virtual format. The customized programs are being put online and will be utilizing Zoom for face-to-face contact. Now is the time to take advantage of our new, 90-minute virtual sessions targeting issues everyone is facing right now. Led by dynamic instructor Jennifer Webb, each session is only $59 and chock full of great ideas. The sessions have been greatly discounted from the normal ticket price, so you won’t want to miss out on these great professional development opportunities!

The Hub

Although The Professional Development Education Hub is already a repository for non-credit online courses, it has recently undergone a facelift for a fresh look designed to improve user experience. If you’re looking to expand your professional knowledge in the comfort of your own home, take a look here.

The new design allows users to see multiple courses at a time as they scroll, with the ability to select specific categories and refine their search.

(Old course search design)

(New course search design)

New Design

Our professional development courses are fully online, which makes them easy to access in this period of isolation and social distancing. Two courses that are relevant to what is happening in the world right now are Healthcare Risk Management and Patient Safety and our Nutrition and Foodservice Professional Training program. While you’re at home, learn something new!

In addition to adapting how we present content, our office was also able to donate food we had in our pantry that might have expired during this time of isolation. For the latest UF updates on the Coronavirus, visit the UF COVID-19 Updates Website.