Courtney Glancy

March 5, 2024

Lauren McCain Receives UF Superior Accomplishment Award

Lauren McCain, University of Florida Office of Professional and Workforce Development’s (OPWD) Assistant Director, is a recipient of the University of Florida Superior Accomplishment Award. This award recognizes faculty and staff members who contribute outstanding and meritorious service, efficiency and/or economy, or have created an impact on the quality of life provided to students and employees. It is designed to recognize outstanding faculty and staff for their dedication to their jobs and for going above and beyond to advance the mission of our great university and serve the community at-large.

Lauren won the Sustained Excellence Award for Division 3, which reflects individuals whose exceptional performance, contributions, and successes took place over a longer span of time (minimum of three years).

Lauren oversees OPWD’s finances, facilities, and operations. She has seven direct reports and manages a $5.1 million dollar budget. Lauren’s oversight of environment occupation programs includes directing each program coordinator in developing new programs, managing myriad contract instructors, establishing course schedules and securing corporate contract training. She has a collateral responsibility to engage with the Conference and Professional Development departments, providing fiscal oversight, administrative support, and personnel engagement. Lauren works with the director on HR issues to including hiring, firing, counseling, raises, work assignments, work schedules, strategic planning and reporting. She works across campus to ensure units are onboarded into the new non-credit registration system, Destiny One, and dedicates additional time to answer and help resolve clients issues.

“Lauren is not remarkable for any one thing she does. She is remarkable because she does everything with outstanding results while attending school to earn her degree! There is nothing this woman can’t do or accomplish. As a director, I could not be more fortunate and blessed to have her as my number one to head up and manage OPWD! She faced crisis after crisis head-on, with steadfastness and a can-do attitude. She not only did it all, she did it with grace and a positive attitude. She has exceeded my expectations and if you had the fortunate chance to work with her, she would exceed yours as well.” – Andrew Campbell, OPWD Director.

Below are a few quotes from the many well-deserved high praises sung by our staff in support of Lauren receiving this recognition.

Please join us in congratulating Lauren on this award!

When COVID shut the world down, UF OPWD was greatly affected. Many of our program areas rely on face-to-face training as there are hands-on learning components in much of the training that we offer. Under Lauren’s leadership we were given the tools needed to convert as much training as possible to virtual and online platforms. This included virtual education training and certifications for our staff and the purchase of new A/V equipment. This allowed our staff to continue to work, generate revenue, and helped to prevent layoffs. Some of the online and virtual courses that were created during COVID have continued and become an extra revenue stream for our department.

Post-COVID, our department has been presented with many new exciting new opportunities via grants, partnerships, and course expansion. With all new opportunities, Lauren is the perfect sounding board. She listens, provides valuable advice and feedback on new ideas, and is always willing to jump in and help wherever needed. Our program areas at UF OPWD are all non-credit, but vast in topics, student demographics, and delivery. Somehow, Lauren manages to keep her finger on the pulse of all of them while managing day to day operations.

UF OPWD has evolved and grown so much in the last three years and so much of this is attributed to Lauren’s leadership.

Lauren is knowledgeable, self-confident and an awesome all-around person.

Lauren does such an amazing job that our office would be lost without her.

Lauren wears many hats at the Office of Workplace Development and TREEO Center. She makes sure she gives superior effort to every endeavor she does.

As my direct supervisor, Lauren is fantastic! I can go to her with any problem or issue, and she is always there to provide guidance, direction or just lend an ear when I need to vent about something. She is always fair and honest with me, even when I don’t want to hear the truth! I have been employed for many years of my life, and Lauren stands out as one of the best Supervisors I have ever had.

Lauren has made a positive impact on me and has encouraged me to expand my knowledge to have the best opportunities. I am thankful to have such a positive leader who really cares about her team. She believes in all of us and leads by example, always inspiring us to do better along the way. She is truly deserving of this recognition. We all know how wonderful she is in our department, but I feel that the university should be made aware as well.