Courtney Glancy

February 12, 2024

Inspiring Women Leaders: How to be Assertive Without Being Abrasive

The Office of Professional and Workforce Development (OPWD) hosted another successful Inspiring Women Leaders (IWL) Workshop: How to be Assertive Without Being Abrasive on Friday, February 9, 2024 from 1PM – 4:30PM at the TREEO Center.

Jennifer Webb led the three and a half hour session to 45 women who left with the following key takeaways:

Know how to respond when caught off guard in any situation.

Learn skills to deal with conflict gracefully.

Use negotiation skills effectively.

Speak to anyone with confidence./p>

Learn how to deal with interrupters and other challenges in meetings.

Always exude confidence and credibility.

What Attendees Had to Say:

“I enjoyed meeting the other participants and learning from their experiences.”

“[I liked the] learning tools to make myself more assertive.”

“The speaker is wonderful and presents the material in a way that is impactful.”

“The instructor was warm, caring, funny and forward.”

“It was a safe space to share experiences honestly.”

“The material was great – useful and not boring at all.”

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Read more about the details of the February workshop below. The next upcoming IWL experience is our first virtual Ignite Bite with Mendy Dunn: Sustaining Joy in Leadership. Learn more and register here: Inspiring Women Leaders Ignite Bite: Sustaining Joy in Leadership.

How to be Assertive Without Being Abrasive

Women walk an invisible line: If they’re not assertive enough they are perceived timid. If they are too assertive, they’re often labeled abrasive…or worse! What’s a smart businesswoman to do?

Perception is reality, and this program focuses on how to own any room you walk into and be assertive in every situation. Strategies include how to handle conflict, hold your own in a meeting, defend an idea, give negative feedback and a multitude of situations where you must respectfully stand your ground.

Jennifer Webb

Thought Changer, Keynote Speaker, Author and NLP Coach
Magic Communications

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Since 2018 the Inspiring Women Leaders Conference has challenged and inspired participants to sharpen their skills, interact with others and leave their sessions feeling energized and eager to share and apply their new learnings.

The purpose behind Inspiring Women Leaders has always been to offer ideas, tools, networking, and learning opportunities to transform individuals from a good leader into a great leader. Now, we invite you to take part in our workshop courses as we continue to focus on exceptional professional and leadership development.

The Office of Professional and Workforce Development is committed to providing opportunities of advancement for men and woman of any age, status or occupation. We continue to support Inspiring Women Leaders because we believe making connections with peers, mentors and individuals of influence is one of the best pathways for growth.