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IT Support Specialist

A good fit if you like: Helping People Troubleshooting Problem Solving

As an IT support specialist, you’ll support, install, fix, and maintain hardware and software for an organization’s computer systems and networks. You might also work across a variety of industries, from government to education to health care to private tech companies, anywhere an organization uses computer systems.

Career Insight

Salary Range

Entry-Level: $42,500
Intermediate: $48,500
Senior: $60,000

*Sourced from LinkedIn & Glassdoor

Job Postings

National: 11,398
Florida: 736

*Sourced from Lightcast, period July 2021 – June 2022

Common Job Titles

IT Support Specialist Help Desk Technician IT Support Technician

Skills Needed

Help Desk Support Repair Printers IT Support Customer Service Microsoft Active Directory


Google IT Support Certificate

IBM Technical Support Certificate

Getting Started with Ubuntu Linux

Command Line Basics in Linux

Create IT Diagrams with Lucidchart

Introduction to Docker: Build Your Own Portfolio Site

Package Installation in Linux

Advanced Commands in Linux

Linux: I/O Redirection for DevOps

Use Bash Scripting on Linux to Execute Common Commands

Linux: Introduction to Shell Scripting for DevOps

Files and Directories in the Linux Filesystem




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Community Health Worker

Registered Apprenticeship Program

The Community Health Worker (CHW) Registered Apprenticeship Program is designed to provide the education and job training needed to be a successful Community Health Worker.

Learners will gain knowledge and build competencies in these subject areas:

Community Health Worker Foundations


Psychological First Aid (PFA)

Medicaid Basics

Essential Skills

This program helps individuals plan and prepare for becoming a Certified Community Health Worker (CCHW) in Florida.

Program Objectives

These objectives/skills will be reinforced through the mentorship and apprenticeship aspect of the program:

An overview of the history and description of Community Health Workers.

The common infectious and chronic health problems in the community and the methods to help prevent, intervene, and manage the health problems.

Social Determinants of Health and the methods for reducing the impact.

The different communication tools, community relationship building, and differentiating between effective outreach strategies for community work and individual recruiting.

How to display skills in the choice of the deployment of assessment skills (community needs assessment, resource identification, and mapping and documentation) by population group, including special populations.

How to demonstrate skills in planning and documenting interventions to improve the health of individuals and communities through barrier reduction, education, information, navigation, referral, and coordination.

Analyze community and individual efforts for sustainability, capacity building, and ethical conduct (HIPAA training included).

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How to become a Certified Community Health Worker in Florida

What is a Community Health Worker (CHW)?

Community health workers (CHWs) are frontline health workers who have a close understanding of the community they serve. CHW’s frequently serve as a liaison between health/social services and the community to coordinate healthcare, government, and social service systems.

These dedicated professionals strive to provide help to individuals throughout a community through


Community Education

Informal Counseling

Social Support

Advocacy (American Public Health Association)

Where do CHW’s work?

CHW’s work in all geographic settings, including rural, urban, metropolitan areas and Native American nations.

Although their roles vary depending on location, CHW’s frequently assist in underprivileged communities where people may have limited resources; lack access to quality health care; lack the means to pay for health care; or languages other than English.

CHW titles vary, depending on where they work and the organization (hospital system, state agency, faith-based organization).

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Meet The Instructors

Instructor Headshot

Catherine L Striley

Deputy Director of HealthStreet

Instructor Headshot

Marc Arenas, MD


Instructor Headshot

Acadia Jacob


Instructor Headshot

Scott Darius


Instructor Headshot

Meggen Sixbey

Psychological First Aid (PFA)