Our plan forward

Welcome to the Office of Professional and Workforce Development website outlining how we can all have the safest and most productive courses possible as we work together to combat COVID-19.

Download our 20-Second Hand-washing Guide


The OPWD team has had refresher training in proper hand-washing techniques. We ask that students also follow proper hand-washing techniques by following posted signage in restrooms.

OPWD team members are following guidelines provided by the UF test and trace program.

OPWD team members will be wearing masks in common areas of the building.

We have asked that any team members who are not feeling well proactively stay home until they have been fever free and feeling better for at least 72 hours.


Upon entering the building, you will see social distancing decals on the floor to prevent crowding at the registration desk. The decals will also be on the floor of the demo area if your course requires hands-on work.

There will be a plexiglass barrier between you and the person checking you in at the registration desk.

Books will no longer be handed out at registration, they will be waiting for you at your desk.

Floor stickers

Class sizes will be smaller to allow for 6 feet of space between students.

Hand sanitizer dispensers are installed throughout the building and available in classrooms.

All hands-on equipment will be wiped down between student uses.

Class break times will be staggered to prevent multiple classes from being in the hallways and restrooms at the same time.

University of Florida is utilizing TruShot Disinfectant and Clorox Hydrogen Peroxide to wipe down all surfaces and high-touch areas regularly.


Students will be asked to maintain 6 ft social distancing with fellow students, instructors and OPWD staff.

Students must sit 6 ft apart while in the classroom, and wear a mask in the classroom as well as in all common areas.

We encourage students to bring their own PPE. If you do not have a mask, TREEO will provide one for you.

Please keep in mind: according to the University of Florida’s updated mask policies, neck gaiters and bandanas should not be worn unless no other face covering is available.

If you don’t feel well, please stay home and contact your medical provider. You can contact OPWD to discuss rescheduling your course by phone or email. (352) 392-9570 or kadymorris@treeo.ufl.edu


While the world is working on how to adjust to a new normal, we understand that some people may not feel comfortable attending classroom courses just yet. OPWD has been working hard to move as much coursework online as possible. We have launched 9 new TREEO online courses with more to come. You can keep up to date with all of our online offerings at the following links: Human Trafficking Prevention | Leadership Development | Professional Development Hub | UF TREEO.