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Application Developer

A good fit if you like: Learning New Technologies Managing Projects Problem Solving

As an Application Developer, you’ll build, operate and maintain applications to run on the cloud. Application Developers share many of the same tasks as software developers. You will analyze customer or user needs, design programs, write code, tests designs, and document programs. You’ll also specialize in cloud-computing tools and infrastructure to deploy and maintain applications over the internet.

Career Insight

Salary Range

Entry-Level: $70,000
Intermediate: $91,400
Senior: $109,000

*Sourced from LinkedIn & Glassdoor

Job Postings

National: 11,365
Florida: 697

*Sourced from Lightcast, period July 2021 – June 2022

Common Job Titles

Application Developer Fullstack Developer Application Engineer

Skills Needed

SQL Software Development Java Python JavaScript Project Management


IBM Full Stack Software Developer Certificate

Linux: File Management for DevOps

Implementing Microsoft Azure Backup

Introduction to Docker: Build Your Own Portfolio Site

Containerize a full-stack NodeJS Application in Docker

Hosting SQL Server & Database with Azure

Kubernetes: Create Multi-App Cluster with Ingress & Logging

Implement a Docker Registry








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