Session Themes SOTM 2023

1. Detection, attribution, & prediction under species on the move
2. Leveraging bioinformatics, big data science, and emerging technologies to study species on the move
3. Understanding ecological and evolutionary mechanisms facilitating or hindering range shifts
4. Impacts of climate change on community structure and patterns of taxonomic, functional, and phylogenetic diversity
5. Ecological responses to climate change from micro to macro scales
6. Invasion risk and range redistribution of non-native species under climate change
7. Conservation paradigms & management strategies for a moving and (dis)connected future
8. Governance, legal, and ethical issues for shifting species and changing ecosystems
9. Cultural, social, and economic dimensions of changes in species distributions
10. Indigenous knowledge and species on the move
11. OneHealth – Implications of species on the move for human and animal health
12. Ecosystem and biome shifts, including geochemical impacts from species on the move