Thanks to the generous support provided by the 2A4 small grants scheme ( a series of selected presentations from the conference has been made available.

Conference Highlights & Vox Pops

Public Lecture

Professor Will Steffen
How fast is earth changing?

Professor Camille Parmesan
Wild life and climate change: Global trends, complexities and surprises

Associate Professor Gretta Pecl
Marine climate change in Tasmania

Professor Stephen Williams
Species on the Move in rainforests of the
Australian Wet Tropics World Heritage Area

Dr Tero Mustonen

Invited Speakers

Professor Camille Parmesan
Plenary Speaker
A global overview of species range changes an example resilience
in a climate vulnerable species

Associate Professor Michael Kearney
Lightning Plenary Speaker
NicheMapR – a general system for mechanistic niche modelling

Professor Hugh Possingham
Keynote Speaker
The role of decision science in assisted colonisation

Professor Jonathan Lenoir
Keynote Speaker
Embracing the idea of climatic niche stasis to investigate
lags in species distribution changes under contemporary climate change

Professor Tim Stephens
Keynote Speaker
Ocean Acidification and Oceans Governance in the Anthropocene

Dr Nathalie Pettorelli
Keynote Speaker
Harnessing the Potential of Satellite Remote
Sensing Research in the Face of Climate Change

Professor Johann Bell
Keynote Speaker
Implications of changes in fish distribution
and abundance for food security and public health

Dr Mark Reynolds
Keynote Speaker
Dynamic conservation and multiple objectives:
delivering cost-effective habitat for migratory birds in agricultural landscapes

Dr Tero Mustonen
Keynote Speaker
Communal Visual Histories

Dr Adriana Vergés
Keynote Speaker
Beyond the tropics: ocean warming, shifts in species
interactions and the tropicalisation of temperate reefs

Dr Simon Ferrier
Keynote Speaker
Bioclimatic scaling: a middle-ground approach to assessing and
addressing potential impacts of climate change on distribution of biodiversity

Conferences Presentations

Birgitta Evengard
Conference Presentation
Transition of the infectious disease panorama in humans in the North

Sarah Richmond
Conference Presentation
Bridging the gap between ecologists and modellers: the
Biodiversity and Climate Change Virtual Laboratory (BCCVL)

Morgan Tingley
Conference Presentation
A generalized framework for the detection of range shifts from “resurvey” studies