Mentoring Matching Sponsor

We’d really like to help you get connected with some new people so you can make the most of Species on the Move. Following similar successful programs at other recent conferences, let us know if you’d like to be matched up.

We arrange the matches and then you arrange to meet up for lunch on one of the conference days.

The Mentor agrees to help introduce the Mentee to at least 3-4 new people over the duration of the conference, and then everybody, whether they are a direct participant in Mentor Matching or not, gets to meet new people – it’s that easy!

When you register we will ask you to indicate if you wish to be involved and you then nominate yourself in one of the following categories.

For early career researchers

We invite students and early career researchers to take advantage of an opportunity to meet with experienced researchers during the conference. The formal expectation in this mentor matching is to email your mentor at least two weeks before the conference, with a brief introduction and perhaps propose some issues or topics that you would like to discuss and then seek them out during the conference to meet. Please tick the box to indicate your interest in the mentor matching.

For mentors

We hope you will be willing to introduce your mentee to colleagues in their area of interest. Please use your experience and network as you see fit. Please tick the box indicating your willingness to meet with an early career researcher during the conference. You are not seen as a replacement to any formal advising that your mentee already has, but to enhance their conference experience and perspectives on their research.

For both mentors and mentees

The conference organisers will make the matches based on your submitted abstracts and known areas of interest. During the conference we will set aside one lunch for mentors and mentees to meet. Other discussions will be at your discretion to arrange. There is no expectation for this relationship to continue beyond the conference, however, this is at the discretion of both participants.