Spatial Planning of area-based conservation for climate change: Terrestrial and Marine perspectives

Lee Hannah, Patrick Roehrdanz

Species on the Move (SOTM)  present unique challenges for protected areas and other area-based conservation efforts that are fixed in space.  Nearly a decade of research now shows that area-based conservation deployed in the right places can minimize extinctions due to SOTM.  But multiple methods of planning conservation for SOTM have been proposed, and no standardized global spatial planning priorities exist.  The SPARC project (Spatial Planning of Area Conservation in Response to Climate Change) is a GEF-funded research effort to identify the places that best conserve species on the move across the tropics on land.  In the sea, multiple regional efforts are pioneering the tools and data needed to conserve marine species on the move.  This presentation introduces the terrestrial and marine challenges that talks in this theme address.

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