Human Migration and Environment: a key issue with few empirical evidences

Sabine Henry1

1University of Namur

Rising concerns about environmental problems throughout the world have led the scientific community and policy-makers to become increasingly interested in understanding better the linkages between migration and the environment, how these linkages relate to poverty and sustainable development, and what this implies for policy, at local, national and global scales. This has led to a growing literature, along with considerable debate about what “environment migrants” means and the number, categorizing the migration and environment nexus according to the type of environmental event, the time frame, the ability of the population to adapt, but also about vulnerability, impact, adaptation, resilience and risk. The debate is complicated by the complexity of the interactions between environmental degradation and migration, which makes “quantification difficult if not impossible”. This lecture will present some empirical evidences of the links between migration and environment in West Africa, Philippines and Ecuador.

Biogrpahy: To be confirmed

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