Name: Yao Xu

Title: Exploring the Impact of Humidity Factors on Urban Heat Island in Dense Urban Areas Using Spatial Statistical Regression Models

Program: Department of Urban & Regional Planning



Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect is an important problem in urban areas especially in highly-dense cities. In this study, factors causing urban heat island effect is investigated using spatial statistical methods. The research involves: (a) estimating land surface temperature using satellite images; (b) generating urban parameters with geospatial information; and (c) building OLS and spatial regression models. Information characterizing urban areas in Duval County, FL are stored using 30m grids. In the OLS model, the results show independent variables have strong impacts on surface temperatures. However, residuals of the linear model are not randomly distributed. Moran’s I test indicates that there is a statistically significant spatial dependency. Therefore, Spatial Autoregressive (SAR) Model is used to control the spatial dependency. Results of the SAR model demonstrate the potential of such models to explain the urban heat island effects in better way.



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Nice work! This work inspires us to model and understant urban environment in a more quantitive way! I can get some solid evidence about how the transporant and urban build up influence the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect. Look forward to your furture work!

Yao Xu

Hi Kang, thanks for your interest!

Ming Chen

The quantitative relationship between urban physical environment and LST provides a new perspective for urban planning and design. In particular, spatial autocorrelation is considered. Some suggestions. Limitations of current research need to be clarified to show the value of this study. Metric for UHI effect can be applied, such as heat island intensity. This can be considered as future study. But overall, this is a nice work at this stage.

Yao Xu

Hi Ming, Thanks so much for your suggestion! I am currently considering applying more independent variables in my further study and will put the heat island intensity into account.