Program: PHD

Name: Kwandokuhle Ngwenya Title: Taxonomy and Visualization of Cost Information in Building Information Modeling/Management Models Discipline: Construction Management Abstract Taxonomy
Name: Lindsey Walker Title: A Model of Evaluating Team Communication Under Time Pressure Constraints at an Architecture and Design Office
Name: Gilles Albeaino Title: A Virtual Reality Safety Training Environment on Drones for Construction Workers: Design and Development Discipline: Construction
Name: Mohsen Hatami Title: Applicability of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Methods to Automated Construction Manufacturing Discipline: Construction Management Abstract Applicability of
Name: Obinna Madubuike Title: Digital Twin Application in Healthcare Facilities Management Discipline: Construction Management Abstract Digital Twin Application in Healthcare
Name: Jiun-Yao Cheng Title: Construction Worker-Drone Safety Training in a 360 Virtual Reality Environment: A Pilot Study Program: Abstract Construction
Name: Adrian Del Monte Title: DESIGN PRACTITIONERS’ PERCEPTIONS OF ACCULTURATION: A Case Study of Residential Design Practice in the Philippines
Name: Nurah AlFowzan Title: The Spatial Implications of Disease Outbreaks for the Future of Third Places: A Scoping Review -
Name: Maryam Kouhirostami Title: Environmental Impacts of Modular Vs Site-Built Residential Construction: A Review of Current Practices Discipline: Construction Management
Name: Mahya Sam Title: Evaluating the Perception of Human-Robot Collaboration Among Construction Project Managers Program: Construction Management Abstract In construction
Name: Yuan Sun Title: Online Site Visits Using Virtual Collaborative Spaces: A Plan-Reading Pilot Study Discipline: Construction Management Abstract Site
Name: Nihal Elvanoglu Title: Recreating the United States’ Oldest European Settlement: The Preservation of St. Augustine, Florida in the Mid
Name: Fatma Hasanain Title: The BIM-Mostadam Application Model Discipline: Architecture Abstract Building Information Modeling (BIM) has had a tremendous impact
Name: Dagmar Rittenbacher Title: ICU Design & Nurses Stress: Developing a Nurses' Pysical Environmental Stress Scale Discipline: Interior Design Abstract
Name: Kanglin "Connie" Chen Title: How far has the US population traveled during the pandemic and post-pandemic era? Discipline: Urban