Name: Lindsey Walker

Title: A Model of Evaluating Team Communication Under Time Pressure Constraints at an Architecture and Design Office

Discipline: Interior Design


A Model of Evaluating Team Communication Under Time Pressure Constraints at an Architecture and Design Office

The historical year of 2020 changed the process and location of work. This experience presents a unique opportunity to understand how work is undertaken, from information exchange to the adaption of workspaces. The complexity where work was completed under the dynamic conditions and embracing the flexibility stresses the essential element critical to a project’s success: communication. Maintaining communication channels is vital but becomes indispensable during a crisis or non-normative times. Employees working within an architecture and design firm must continuously solve problems by analyzing complex factors that influence the outcomes under a deadline-based structure. This study was inspired by classical Allen Curve research conducted at MIT, which examines the relationship between employees’ physical proximity and communication level; however, there is a reemergence in the importance of studying the influential factors to employee communication patterns, from media selection, to physical proximity, and time pressure, while under new environmental conditions – Hybrid.



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Kwandokuhle Ngwenya

Great work, Lindsey! The evolution of communication is very relatable, too. It reminds me of a recent newspaper article I saw about how text messaging seems to be taking over as the predominant method of communicating among undergraduates, and is expected to translate to the work environment for that generation. Fascinating

Dagmar Rittenbacher

Hi Lindsey! Great job. That sounds really interesting. I wonder how part of this framework could be implemented into telehealth in healthcare settings.

Luis Mejia-Pug

Very interesting framework and very relevant. It would be interesting not only to see how it relates to working environments but also to educational ones. As faculty, these covid times have been hectic and teachers and students have had to adapt to these new scenarios.

Nurah Alfowzan

Nice work Lindsay! COVID-19 has definitely changed many things, including communication. I am interested to know more about how you will include remote work environments in your study!