Name: Lindsey Walker

Title: Exploring Inter Team Communications During the Decentralization of the Workplace

Program: PhD – Interior Design concentration



Today’s work environments are experiencing a radical evolution, given the social distancing measures resulting from the pandemic. The complexity of the current workplace requires researchers and designers to examine the essential element of an organization’s success – employee communication. Design teams engage in frequent communications through multiple media on a weekly and daily basis. The success of their projects depends on effective communication. This study was inspired by classical Allen Curve research conducted at MIT, which empirically showed a relationship between employees’ physical proximity and communication level. The proposed research will examine the interrelationship between homophily within the team structure, spatial distance in the workplace, and perceived communication networks formed on design teams. Through understanding the frequency and perceived quality of communication, the study aims to meaningful operationalizing project teams’ structure, fueling projects with differing ideas, and informing the physical layout of design team workspaces by measuring communication patterns.



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Daejin Kim

It is so exciting research topic during this pandemic. Great job!!