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Sales Operations Specialist

A good fit if you like: Efficiency Leading a Team Troubleshooting

As a Sales Operations Specialist, you’ll help sales and marketing teams optimize the sales process. You will use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools like Salesforce or Hubspot to collect and analyze data to help sales teams sell more effectively and efficiently. Sales operations specialists also help onboard new salespeople, strategize on process improvements, and coordinate and lead team meetings.

Career Insight

Salary Range

Entry-Level: $56,300
Intermediate: $60,000
Senior: $70,000

*Sourced from LinkedIn & Glassdoor

Job Postings

National: 2,115
Florida: 138

*Sourced from Lightcast, period July 2021 – June 2022

Common Job Titles

Sales Representative Sales Operations Specialist Sales Executive

Skills Needed

Sales Support Customer Service Sales Goals Customer Contact Product Sales Salesforce


Salesforce Sales Operations Certificate

Create a Customer Satisfaction Survey with Typeform

How to Create a Sales Forecast in Tableau

Prepare, Clean, Transform and Load Data Using Power BI

Getting Started with Microsoft Excel

Introduction to CRM with HubSpot

Get Started with HubSpot

Customer Support Digital Transformation with HubSpot








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