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IT Support Specialist

A good fit if you like: Helping People Troubleshooting Problem Solving

As an IT support specialist, you’ll support, install, fix, and maintain hardware and software for an organization’s computer systems and networks. You might also work across a variety of industries, from government to education to health care to private tech companies, anywhere an organization uses computer systems.

Career Insight

Salary Range

Entry-Level: $42,500
Intermediate: $48,500
Senior: $60,000

*Sourced from LinkedIn & Glassdoor

Job Postings

National: 11,398
Florida: 736

*Sourced from Lightcast, period July 2021 – June 2022

Common Job Titles

IT Support Specialist Help Desk Technician IT Support Technician

Skills Needed

Help Desk Support Repair Printers IT Support Customer Service Microsoft Active Directory


Google IT Support Certificate

IBM Technical Support Certificate

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